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About us and our history

The Henslow family has been at Durleighmarsh since the 1950’s. Like many traditional family farms we have had to adapt to the changing world. Originally a traditional mixed farm with corn, potatoes, sheep and a dairy herd of Jersey cows we have had to both specialise and diversify through the decades.

The Barn itself is Victorian and was initially used as a grain barn, before becoming the milking shed for the dairy herd. After the construction of the ‘new’ milking parlour in the 50’s it was once again used for grain storage, later potatoes and then asparagus sorting and bunching. Part of the upstairs and the end room were where the home grown barley was milled and crushed to feed the cows in winter. The slate roof is typical of farm buildings of this age reflecting the proximity of the former railway route as a transport link.

The livestock are now all gone having been replaced with different enterprises and the third generation of Henslows are now involved in the ever evolving family business

Durleighmarsh farm now grows more than 20 acres of fruit and vegetables for Pick Your Own supporting the Farm shop built in 1990. The light sandy soil also provides ideal growing conditions for asparagus, a crop we started growing in the 1980’s.

 The Tea Barn, café/tearoom, has been running for nearly a decade and the old livestock buildings now house a variety of independent businesses.

As a family we have always been committed to supporting wildlife on the farm, from being a part of the local Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group way back in the 1970s, through the 90’s when we became members of LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) to today, participating in environmental schemes. Our beautiful farm, with its mature hedges, trees, natural pond and marsh meadow is home to some of Britain’s best loved wildlife; skylarks, owls, buzzards, bats, wild deer, badgers and foxes. We are also participating in a scheme to re-introduce disease resistant elms in the landscape.

The Henslow family - Durleighmarsh Farm

The second and third generations of the Henslow family!

durleighmarsh farm in the 1970s

An aerial view of the farmyard as it was in the 1970s, note the large barn in the middle of the picture, the new Durleighmarsh Barn Emporium!


Today Durleighmarsh Farm has a wide range of successful businesses, the farm shop and tea barn in particular are well regarded. But did you know that we also have other businesses on the farm? These include;

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